søndag 7. oktober 2012

End of the vintage 2012!

We have spent the two most amazing days harvesting the grapes for Alma de Almorqui 2012. Let us hope it shows when the wine is finished!

When I write this blog in English this time, it is because I know so many Spanish and English friends would like to be able to read it. Saturday and Sunday have both been amazing. Twenty friends gathering in Almorqui to harvest the grapes at Bodegas Almorqui. (Enter the website to see what an amazing adventure our wineproduction has been, and still is.) That in itself is one thing that makes this hard work worth keep going: Good friends.
Which means gathering around the table in the end of the day, talking, laughing, relaxing - and eating good food. Today the lunch was my responsibility, and after yesterdays amazing paella, it was hard to keep up the standard... The result was a caserole of the best ingredients the Mediterranean can offer, served with Norwegian inspired brown, rustic bread with seeds and walnuts. And as a sweet final, Nurias amazing chocolate brownie cake, decorated with hundreds and thousands formed as a grape, and a apple cake made from apples from Almorqui. And to drink: Alma de Almorqui 2011, hopefully soon to be found in a place near you.

Another beautiful day harvesting grapes

The last cases of grapes entering the bodega
Ryebread with walnuts

The best of all: Good friends
Chickpeasoup Recipe: www.ellenwollen.no

Nurias amazing chocolate brownie cake
Alma de Almorqui

 Thanks to all for an amazing "fin de semana", y "fin de vendimia". Hasta el año que viene!
Ellen :)


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